Portfolio Trading Calendar

Anomalies Pages Jun 29, 2023

This page allows to connect Telegram account to receive notifications when a new trade is opened or closed, and to see the Portfolio Trading Calendar.

To enter this page, you have to connect your Telegram account, following the guided procedure.

Once you have connected Telegram:

  • you will see the Portfolio Trading Calendar
  • you will be able to activate/deactivate Telegram notifications on operations of this Portfolio, through the icon bell in the bottom-right of the page.
Portfolio Trading Calendar

Video on YouTube

Portfolio Trading Calendar page presentation and tutorial is available on YouTube

  • Link to the Video in English
  • Link to the Video in Italian


Andrea Ferrari

I deal with Programming and Finance, I lead the R&D of ForecastCycles. I strongly believe that Seasonality, COT and Macro and Fundamental analysis are the basis for Trading and Investments.