Seasonal Charts page

Seasonal Charts page

Seasonality Jul 1, 2023

Seasonal Charts page has many Charts to analyze Seasonality in different Months, Weekdays, and Days of Month.

This is the very first page developed, the first fruit of ForecastCycles Platform.

Plot Seasonal Charts

The Seasonal charts are available for all Tickers in the database.

To plot a chart it's possible to:

  • search and select a Ticker from the Search-box, or
  • select a Ticker from the drop-down Menu
Seasonal Charts Search-box and Menu

Charts Explanation

When a Ticker has been selected, 4 Tabs will appear:

  • Seasonal Charts tab
    is composed by 6 charts that analyze seasonal metrics such as average Return, average Volatility, Winning percentage for all the 12 months.
  • TDW Charts tab
    the returns of the Ticker in the different Trading Days of the Week.
  • DOM Charts tab
    the returns of the Ticker in the different Days of Month.
  • Interactive Charts tab
    the chart of the Ticker using ForecastCycles daily data.

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Andrea Ferrari

I deal with Programming and Finance, I lead the R&D of ForecastCycles. I strongly believe that Seasonality, COT and Macro and Fundamental analysis are the basis for Trading and Investments.