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ForecastCycles is a world of indicators, statistics and tools to trade and invest in the right time and in harmony with the nature of each Asset-Class.

Forecastcycles provides tools for both the long-term horizon (investment) and the short-term horizon (trading)

There are cyclical waves that are impacting world, humans, and trends of asset classes. ForecastCycles wants to offer tools to track the forces that drive price movements, and to take profit from them, both in the short and medium-long term.

The 'Macro&Stats Charts' page has a selection of indicators to measure the over/under valuation of a market with a medium to long term horizon, and understand whether it is more likely a good time to buy or sell.

The 'COT Charts' allows to follow footsteps of large institutional and private investors, looking at their aggregate net positions in a market with few days of delay.

The 'Seasonal Analysis' tools are useful to improve the timing, especially if a market is characterized by anomalous returns in certain periods of the year. (Seasonal Charts and Anomalies)

ForecastCycles offers tools to set-up an Algo-trading portfolio. It is possible to download Expert Advisors for Metatrader 4 to exploit the 'Seasonal Anomalies' in periods going from a weekday to a few months.

LONG TERM Additional Tools
There are 2 additional tools to look for clues to understand what the most likely next trend in a market will be:

  • how much the price, in the last 2 and 4 years, is following a path from the past. (Historical Similarity)
  • whether there are influential cycles in a market (from widest to shortest) that shape the price, and how they are projected into the future. (Forecast Cycles).

ForecastCycles Platform Sections

ForecastCycles Platform is composed by 7 Sections with different Charts and features:

  • Macro & Stats charts
    • it has a selection of indicators and statistics that help to build a bigger-picture of each asset class of investment.
    • it is used to identify, from different points of view, when a market is undervalued, fairly-valued or overvalued.
  • Seasonality
    • Seasonal charts and Rankings to analyze Seasonality in different Months, Weekdays, and Days of Month
  • Seasonal Anomalies
    • Seasonal Anomalies are periods within a calendar year (Weekdays, Holidays, Months) in which a Ticker have abnormal returns.
    • It is possible to search the most robust strategies using many Filters.
  • COT charts
    • to know the net-position of groups of sharks and whales in a market
    • CFTC publishes COT data for 50 Tickers, the most traded ones
  • Intraday charts
    • to search for anomalous returns in a market in a short-period interval, up to 15 minutes
    • If there is an anomaly just in a specific weekday, that can be exploited in a trading strategy.
  • Forecast Cycles charts
    • we use this analysis to find how well cycles have modeled the price in the history.
    • If a market exhibit an influence, it is interesting to see the cycle projection in the future.
  • Historical Similarity charts
    • searches for the correlation of the recent price with all past dynamics lasting 2 and 4 years.

In the Tickers page are listed the financial instruments in the database.

Use the Charts to improve your investments.

Get the latest trends on the market


Andrea Ferrari

I deal with Programming and Finance, I lead the R&D of ForecastCycles. I strongly believe that Seasonality, COT and Macro and Fundamental analysis are the basis for Trading and Investments.